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Advanced Speech Recognition

Quickly integrate and deploy our highly accurate, data-rich speech models. Because no two experiences are the same, you can tailor our flexible and customizable speech vocabularies to provide the level of accuracy your users expect.

Natural Text-to-Speech Voices

Engage in a more natural conversation with your users. Choose from an incomparable voice portfolio containing over 80 unique voices and 40+ languages.

Customization Control

Extend our speech models with your unique vocabulary, set recognition preferences, modify your application grammar, and more. Your application is unique, and we'll help you show it.

Integrate Across Platforms

Access mature, proven voice recognition and text-to-speech SDKs across the world's most popular operating systems

Our iOS, Android, Windows SDKs, and HTTP interfaces are flexible and easily integrated so you can quickly integrate and deploy.



Windows Phone


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40 speech-to-text languages
45 text-to-speech languages
80+ unique voices



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